Garcinia Cambogia Extract in New Zealand – Top Source Explained

site badgeGarcinia Cambogia has recently become an extremely popular weight loss supplement. Recommended by fitness experts and health professionals around the globe, the active ingredient(HCA- hydroxycitric acid) is proven to reduce appetite, burn fat, and inhibit carbs from converting to fat- allowing users to lose weight without exercise or a special diet.

The best supplement available in NZ is shown below:

garcinia cambogia miracle

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Pure is a Garcinia version that is highly renowned for its efficacy in extensive weight loss studies. It beats every other product in terms of quality, with a 60% concentration of pure HCA. This is the #1 capsule we recommend.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to get better results in scientific weight loss trials when compared to generic brands. The reason for this is that other Garcinia products tend to contain more fillers and adulterant substances, rendering them tainted and less effective.

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Weight Loss Benefits of Garcinia

HCA(hydroxycitric acid) and other natural ingredients in Garcinia aid weight loss through the following mechanisms:

  • Inhibits fat production
  • Inhibits the conversion of carbs into fat
  • Reduces cravings and hunger(suppresses appetite)
  • Reduces emotional eating binges
  • Increases natural Serotonin levels in the body

All of these aspects are what makes Garcinia the only capsule that allows you to lose weight safely, naturally, and without exercise.

However, one important thing to realize is that not all Garcinia products are created equal.

Above you can see Pure Cambogia Extract, which is the most effective high-quality capsule in the world(and now available in New Zealand at the source above).

These particular extract is the most popular and the one recommended by fitness professionals for fast weight loss. Here is a good page about scientific findings on Garcinia Cambogia.

The Important Thing To Realize

As mentioned above, most of the positive effects people feel from GC are due to its hydroxycitric acid. While it is, of course, important to exercise and consume only healthy foods if you are serious about achieving massive weight loss- realize that you will increase your results on GC extract regardless of your lifestyle.

The active compound(HCA) causes one’s appetite to be reduced significantly. When I first started taking it, I personally felt this kick in about 5 days. I could make it through work without having to eat bad lunches, and was not snacking out as much at home. This is really a great benefit because you have more energy and can get stuff done without engaging in emotional-eating binges and shooting yourself in the foot.

Also- after about 1-2 weeks of using the supplement the fat-blocking effect kicks in. Sometimes I do a light workout and did not change the frequency or intensity of these once I started taking it(I’m a pretty busy person). However, I saw notable changes in my waist area beginning around this period. They were just small at first, but then over the course of a couple months I really lost a lot of unwanted fat off of my belly.

hca compound

The HCA compound.

metabolic effect
These “fat-burning” effects, as they call them, are due to an increase in your metabolism and HCA’s tendency to change the way your body processes simple and complex carbohydrates once they have entered your body. For somebody who is just eating so-so food and not getting a lot of physical activity(the average person), such compounds are usually processed into fats rather rapidly(some more than others- depending on your “natural” metabolism).

Personally, my metabolic rate is naturally pretty slow and this is what caused me to gain so much over the years. However, as emphasized above, this effect is most definitely real- without changing my lifestyle I was able to shed around 9 kilos in 8 weeks. This is not as much as the people in the before and after pictures below(which I borrowed from Pure GC’s official site)- but I still do believe they are real. However, these people ARE probably “lucky” in the sense that they naturally have a faster metabolism(of course they would only use testimonials from the most successful people).

A word to the wise(found this out after a lot of trial and error)- you would be wise to avoid certain knockoff brands(mainly from foreign manufacturers like China) that are low-grade capsules and should be avoided at all cost. Below I explain why that is.

Imitation Versions To Avoid

There are a lot of low-grade Garcinia products being pushed from cheap manufacturers that mass-produce them without proper quality control. Since the supplement is not regulated by the FDA, such versions are available all over the place and you need to know how to spot them.

picture of garcinia cambogia nz

In general avoid any Garcinia products that are:

  • Marked as “Asian” or “Chinese”
  • Sold in supermarkets (they only stock these low-grade brands)
  • Less than $30 NZD (quality supplements with the pure extract and high HCA will be at least $30)

Before And After Pictures

Here are a couple pictures of users who took the Pure capsule:

before and after photo with hca

Katie Hamilton lost 33 kilos in 5 months.


Lisa Wainwright lost 14 kilos in 9 weeks.

Both of these photos are confirmed real people who took Pure Garcinia Cambogia.

The key thing to note is that, again, massive results like these can only be expected if you are using the proper product version. There is a massive difference between high-quality and low-quality extracts out there.

A Great Garcinia Cambogia Supplier In NZ

This product below is by far the most effective Garcinia product available anywhere in the world. At the site below, you can order it directly from a New Zealand source. (They are an international brand with shipping centers in every country)

garcinia cambogia miracle

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This is a really great company to order from because they stock the Pure brand, have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are very professional to deal with. This Garcinia version is a medically certified, high-quality supplement that provides all of the benefits mentioned in this article so that you can lose weight without exercise.

This particular brand of Garcinia has the optimal HCA concentration(60%) for maximum weight loss. It is only available at the site shown above.